Protect Anonymity By Avoiding Personal Info Leak on The Hidden Wiki

To maintain anonymity on the dark web and the hidden wiki, users must be highly cautious about accidentally revealing any personal identifying information in online interactions.

When creating accounts, never divulge full name, address, phone, email, social media profiles, or other identifying details. Avoid uploading profile photos of yourself.

When sites request access to contacts, location, camera, microphone, or other sensitive permissions – deny access. Enabling these creates the risk of compromising anonymity.

Stay Anonymous on the Dark Web

In chat rooms and forums, share zero personal information and never open attachments from strangers that could contain malware compromising your system.

If creating anonymous social media accounts, again, avoid sharing anything identifiable and do not link accounts to your real profiles.

Staying anonymous requires vigilance to never associate online hidden wiki activities with a real-world identity in any way. A single slip-up could undo other precautions.

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